By Gerry Murphy

Created April 11, 2018

The MGM Annual Fishing Trip really didn’t start as the “MGM” or as an “Annual” Event.  It started as a small idea that just grew and expanded over the years.

In 1970, 4 people went on an extended weekend Fishing Trip.  The French/Pickerel River area was chosen because John Murphy worked there between 1900 and 1905 as a lumberjack.  So we decided to go there.

During one of the early years, John showed us where he worked on the river, the location of some of the log booms, large rings drilled in the rocks where chains would connect to hold the booms back, and even places where fellow workers were killed when the booms broke or the river flooded.

The trip itself was based on love of family, love of fishing, and love of the great outdoors.  We were able to get away together to enjoy the family, the fishings, the great outdoors, the great food, and of course the camaraderie.

There were so many great times, so many amazing events, and most importantly so many great memories.

From the original 4, to a dozen and more, and from an extended weekend to a five day event, it just grew and grew. 

Some trips were better than others.  Fish/No Fish, Sun/Rain, Rain/Snow, Great Weather/Serious Storms, Good Accommodations/Bad Accommodations, it really didn’t matter. What really mattered was the family and the good times we all shared.

So now the tradition continues, and we expand once again.  We have new members so there will be even more great times, more amazing events, and more great memories to share.