1986 - The Houseboat

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Not a year that is synonymous with great fishing and classic shore lunches!! But it certainly had it's moments!

We are pretty sure we rented the houseboat from Three Buoys Houseboat Rentals. Dad's President, Jack Smith of Stanley Door Systems, knew the owners or had some money in the Company as a big tax write off.

We picked the boat up just south of Peterborough ON. We traveled down the Otonabee River and enjoyed three or four wonderful days of cold and rain in beautiful Rice Lake. We visited such hot spots as Bewdley ON and Gores Landing ON. I think we docked at Gores Landing one evening to pick up and do off people and to have dinner in a restaurant.

The "docking of the boat" at Gores Landing may have been the pinnacle memory. Could be wrong but think we were picking up Mike M. who showed up after a track meet possibly. Everyone thought they were an expert in parking a houseboat but no one actually had any experience. There was intense yelling and screaming as PF was parking the houseboat at the dock. The wind was choppy and with no help from anyone on board, he harshly slid the boat into the slip and he only peeled the coping off one side of the houseboat!

Here are a few of the Classic Moments of the Houseboat adventure. Please reach out to some of the older members to let them tell their version of how all this unfolded:

  • The First Morning: Expert houseboaters we were not!! The first night, we anchored down in Rice Lake and we went to sleep. We woke up the next morning maybe ¾ mile down the lake. Thank goodness we didn’t crash into anything overnight!!
  • As Mike Glatt would call it, the famous “Tree through the screen day”. We went into a small bay and the wind blew us into some branches. I remember vividly seeing this all happen slowly. Again, lots of yelling as G or someone was navigating. RIP….there goes the screen on the houseboat! The brilliant idea of saving money utilizing a houseboat was catching up with us with more incurred expenses!
  • Trolling off a Houseboat…..close your eyes and imagine this…..6-8 people trolling down the weed-infested Rice Lake and multiple fishing lines dangling from the rooftop!! Line snags all over the place!
  • The Boston Whaler: I didn't use it but think Bill and someone else did. Kind of flimsy and I don't remember them being out there too long!
  • Mike Glatt Horror: Mike was sleeping on the ground(yes the ground) and Moose decides to do his 3:00 am business. He rolls off the bed, straddles Mike G. and then Mike wakes up and LOOKS UP!! The horror!! This is etched in Mike G's mind forever!

Think we caught 2-3 fish overall and the winner was not very big!!