I really enjoyed the gala night. It was exactly what I hoped it would be…an all-out celebration of 50 years of fun. I especially liked being able to show a different side of myself to the younger guys (albeit with the help of a bit of alcohol). It reminded me of early times with PF and Barry where things like Alexander’s Ragtime Band and Galway Bay were established in the MGM traditions. Being #1, I have no idea if I will be part of future celebrations so that’s why this is so important to me. Unfortunately, I was also disappointed that the time capsule didn’t really work out so well. I was hoping that there would be some great surprises…but maybe that will be the next time. Maybe it’s just me being sentimental, but this trip felt like the culmination of many prior trips all rolled into one. It had all the elements that make the fishing trip so special…laughs, lies, and libations to coin an old phrase…and the promise of many more. Go MGM…be everything you can be! – Carl Glatt

As a Founding Member of this event, the 50th Anniversary was truly special. The “Gala Night”, the “Time Capsule”, the “Prizes and Gifts”, and everything else was outstanding. The highlight was our newest member, Troy Murray catching his fish. I will never forget the excitement on his face when the “Big Bass” was netted during a shore lunch, and for all members to see and cheer him on. I’m sure PF and Moose were watching from above as this truly represented the meaning of a “Family Fishing Trip.” – Gerry Murphy

Obviously the gala night was a great moment. So many memories that we will be talking about on future trips. Troy’s big fish catch was an amazing moment that we all got to witness. Just the pure joy and excitement he displayed reminded me of how important this trip is to the young and old members. The poker nights were also a great time. The belt, new members playing and all the swag made every night exciting. Being a member of the fishing trip is something I will never take for granted. It’s truly a honour to be included with such an amazing group of people who care about their family and the positive values which make us all better in our own lives. Really two words sum up this trip….“Marvellous indeed” – Sean E. Murphy

I don’t think the founding members could have ever imagined what the trip has turned out to be and the longevity of the experience. If there was one word I would use to describe the trip it would be “Magical”.

All the participants on the trip, young and old quickly learn that this experience is something that will remain with you for the rest of your life. With the advances in technology and in good part due to your efforts Kevin, we are able to share these experiences with future generations. The trip as a whole is a place where you can live in the moment and toss away some of the challenges we face in everyday life. Everyone takes there responsibilities seriously and it is a gentle reminder as to what you can accomplish if everyone is on the same page working towards the same goal. – Mike Glatt

“This MGM50 Trip meant so so much to me!! I reflected on so many things from years gone by and eagerly look forward to many great times ahead with all of our family. Seeing the Mr. Marvelous Wine at the center of the table on Gala night was a very moving moment for me! I will never forget the amazing energy everyone had on Gala Night……the singing of We Are Family, The Wild West Show…….the great group pictures we captured. Even though the Time Capsule got damaged, it was still a great memory, an event and we’ll all remember the Murray Boys eagerly chopping down the tree limbs. Troy catching that bass on the shore(with everyone watching) was not only unique but so so special. We all witnessed it, we all were so excited for Troy and that special shore lunch location continues to deliver us countless fantastic memories! Thanks to everyone who did their special part to make this a 4 day adventure I will never ever forget!” – Kevin Murphy

There are no words to describe how fun and memorable the MGM50 trip was. I will never forget the feeling of all members standing around the counter singing and dancing as we all bonded over songs of late and of today. It is pretty remarkable seeing how family members from all walks of life come together once a year to kick back and celebrate family. It is what keeps us connected. Sharing moments like razzing new members at the poker table, hoisting the belt, and Troy’s shore lunch winning catch are what it’s all about. Being the one to net Troy’s winning fish was an awesome moment for me and seeing that kid’s face when it was safely in the net will be a tale told beyond MGM100 I am sure. – Ryan Murphy

This was a special year for me as it was the first year that all my Grandsons were able to enjoy the trip with me. The special festivities on the Gala night were greatly appreciated and were well done by all participants.  – Bill Murray

It’s pretty special to be involved in such a great family tradition that has gone on for over 50 years. To see how it all started with the founding members on the trip, my Dad on the trip and now I have been going for over 30 years and have all 4 of my sons on the trip and for years to come. It was also extra special this year watching Troy catch the winning fish at shore lunch. That is a special moment he will never forget and that is what the trip is all about, creating special moments with family for a lifetime!Brent Murray

The 50th anniversary fishing trip to me was the most eventful and unforgettable year. Didn’t do much fishing, but being in a cabin together brought us closer together as a family. P.S. next to my first year on the trip hehe  – Charlie Murray

The fishing trip this year was obviously very special because it was the 50th anniversary. It was a lot of fun this year considering I got to play at the poker table. One of my favourite parts of the trip was the gala dinner. Everybody was having so much fun and wearing matching shirts, it’s was awesome. Another great thing I liked was the time capsule. It sucks it didn’t survive the 15 years in the ground but when we were opening it the suspense was crazy. Even though most of the stuff didn’t survive, I thought it was still very eventful and I think we should start another time capsule next year. And that way I can participate in it and put what I want in the capsule. And lastly another great moment was when Troy had his winning bass on at the shore lunch. When he caught the fish everyone was running over to him and Ryan grabbed the net and Kevin instantly got the camera out. Troy yelling at Ryan to net the fish “GET IT”. And then he got the fish in and Troy started screaming because he was so excited. Very awesome moment. Overall the fishing trip this year was a blast. The fishing wasn’t the best, but that’s okay because we’re all there together as a family having soooo much fun. – Luke Murray

The 50th anniversary of the fishing was exciting and fun. The time capsule was great and the winning fish caught on SHORE LUNCH!!!  – Ben Murray

This year was very fun, it could be better if we weren’t catching weeds every cast. I really liked playing hands of poker for people, but catching the big fish was the best. Just lucky I went pee at the right time LOL  – Troy Murray

Although it was only my second fishing trip I could tell that this one was special. After hearing many stories about the time capsule it was very cool to see it be dug up and revealed, even if the contents were a bit moldy. I VERY much enjoyed the gala night and all the prizes being awarded all throughout the trip. The fishing was not to die for but the company and experiences were. I think I am very lucky to spend some much time with such awesome guys. It’s great to get to know everyone ahead of my wedding this fall. There will be lots of fishing trip handshakes that day for sure. I am very much looking forward to future fishing trips and here’s to the next 50 years. – Ryan Proctor

1. Great conversations with G and Shawn on the water
2. Kev and I both winning big all ins with the same non-suited 5-6 hand
3. Proctor thinking I was closer to 30 years old than 50
4. Kev’s reaction when I pointed out that he had a flush and not just a straight (to win the axe)…that was a vigorous hug!
5. Troy’s big catch (I’m sure this is on everyone’s list)
6. Feeling more welcome and included than I’ve felt in a long time.
Trevor Ray