This MGM Family Fishing Trip Web Site is a tribute to the wonderful tradition carried out by all of the Murphy, Glatt, and Murray families.

Way back in 1971, P.F, Moose, Carl, and Gerry went on a fishing trip to Pickerel River. One year later, Mike Glatt and Mike Murphy joined and we had a long run at Bay View Lodge.. A few years later, Bill Murray and Kevin Murphy joined and from there, MGM was officially established. Since 1971, we have shared many Laughs, Lies & Libations!! What a ride it’s been for all of us!! 

Congratulations to everyone who has and will attend this special annual fishing trip!! This section of the website focuses on the History of the MGM Trip and many of the signature moments. Some great reflection from many of the members as well. Enjoy!!

Pic above from our April 14th, 2018 MGM Prep Meeting